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Rental Assistance Program

Landlord enrollment and submission of joint Landlord-Tenant Applications is still open until all available rental assistance funding has been pledged. Take action today!


The City of El Paso has approved $10 million in federal funds for a Rental Assistance Program which will help residential tenants in the City of El Paso who are behind in paying their rent and are at risk of eviction because of a direct economic impact of COVID-19.

Eligible landlords may apply for rental assistance of past due rent for eligible tenants, in accordance with the terms and conditions of the program.

If you are not able to find your Landlord in the Participation Directory, visit the following link to provide your information. We'll then notify your Landlord of your interest in being considered for rental assistance.

How it works

Eligible landlords of residential rental properties may apply for rental assistance for past due rent for eligible tenants.

Recognizing that the need for rental assistance will likely exceed funds available, the Under One Roof Collaborative will distribute funds to tenants with the greatest need, and who are at risk of eviction.

The program is limited to residential tenants living in the City of El Paso who are not receiving other federal housing assistance. Immigration status will not be requested nor be a factor in determining funding awards.


Landlords enroll to participate

Property owners/property management companies sign up to be a Participating Landlord.

In this step, landlords will:

  • Review and sign the program agreement

  • Share property Information

  • Share banking Information

BakerRipley verifies landlord enrollment. If verified, the properties will be listed in the Participation DirectoryParticipation Directory.

Open until all available rental assistance funding has been pledged.

Tenants work with Landlord on application documents

Once a Landlord is verified, they will reach out to tenants to:

  • Complete and sign the Joint Landlord-Tenant Application provided by the landlord. Preview a sample form here here.

  • Gather copies of verification documents

  • Provide form and documents to landlord

Open until all available rental assistance funding has been pledged.

Landlords submit application online

Landlords apply here online for assistance for tenants who:

  • Have submitted the paper application and verification documents to their landlord

Note - Tenant applications will be prioritized based on households with greater need. Submitting an Application is not a guarantee of assistance.

Open until all available rental assistance funding has been pledged.

Applications are verified and payments are made to landlords
  • Once an application is submitted, program staff will be reviewing the applications

  • When an application is approved, landlords and tenants will receive a pledge

  • BakerRipley will then disburse payment to the landlord

August 3rd onwards

About the program

The City of El Paso has allocated $10 million in funding from the Federal Cares Act to provide rental assistance to landlords of residential rental properties for tenants who live within the El Paso city limits and are experiencing an economic hardship as a result of COVID-19.

Working together to serve you

This program is a collaboration of the Paso del Norte Community Foundation, Under One Roof, BakerRipley and Harvey Home Connect.

The Paso del Norte Community Foundation/Under One Roof Collaborative is honored to partner with the City of El Paso to serve thousands of El Pasoans who are facing the prospect of losing their homes due to the health and economic crisis caused by COVID-19.

Tracy J. Yellen

Chief Executive Officer

Paso del Norte Community Foundation

Paso del Norte Community Foundation

The Paso del Norte Community Foundation was established in 2013 to work with community partners to improve health, education, social services, economic development and quality of life in the Paso del Norte region. The PDN Community Foundation is the home of the Paso del Norte Health Foundation and over 100 community-based funds, including eight COVID-19 Response Funds providing support to nonprofit organizations serving the most vulnerable in our community.

Under One Roof

Under One Roof is a fund of the Paso del Norte Community Foundation and charitable organization of  the El Paso Apartment Association, which supports over 180 property management companies and owners who manage 48,748 units in El Paso County, both single family and multifamily rental homes.


BakerRipley, founded in 1907, brings resources, education, and connection to nearly 600,000 individuals in Greater Houston each year through holistic community-based programs that support socioeconomic mobility, health and wellness, and disaster recovery.  BakerRipley most recently administered the City of Houston’s $15 million COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program.


Connective (formerly Harvey Home Connect) is a disaster recovery and preparedness system. We provide coordinated recovery for communities in need, and do so through building human-centered intake and application processes, technology-enabled coordination tools, and streamlined data analysis.

Landlord Participation Agreement

Landlords must agree to the following:

  1. Assess no penalties, late fees or interest to a tenant’s account for the months for which rental assistance is provided;

  2. Provide tenant credit for any partial payments;

  3. Rescind or cancel any prior notice to vacate and/or dismiss any eviction suit filed within 5 business days of receiving rent assistance payment;

  4. Not interfere with the tenant’s possession of the unit by changing the locks, cutting off utilities or removing appliances;

  5. Provide a 60-day notice to vacate to tenants who become delinquent on payment of rent within two (2) months of receiving assistance;

  6. Accept partial payments of rent and cap monthly late fees to $25.00 for tenants who become delinquent on payment of rent within two (2) months of receiving assistance;

  7. Be able to accept rental assistance payments via Automated Clearing House (ACH);

  8. Credit payment received to the tenant’s account within 5 days of receipt;

  9. Return any overpayments to BakerRipley within 5 calendar days;

  10. Repay funds for breach of contract;

  11. Comply with local, state, and federal eviction moratorium laws and federal anti-discrimination laws.

Tenant Eligibility

The tenant(s) requesting assistance must

  1. Live within the City of El Paso limits

  2. Confirm that their landlord is listed in the Participating Landlord Directory

  3. Be behind on rent payment(s) for April 2020 or months after April 2020

  4. Be unable to pay rent due to economic harm from COVID-19 and are therefore at risk of eviction

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